Happy first day of MAY Everyone!!  🙂 What a Beautiful day it is at that, yes we are just that much closer to The Wonderful World Of Summer!! I know»I know I’ve been completely M.I.A. lately, but to be brutally honest it’s all been out of love for you guys!! 🙂 Now you’re like Shei HOW?? Because I’ve been searching high and low for My original content as well as inspiration!! And YES I have found it and more. So get ready for an all new layout and constant Beauty/Fashion/Gossip/Random/Freaking Awesome/posts… But alright already enough about My Koolness, back to this amazingly warm almost 70 degree weather 😉 I hope you are eager to get out the rut of being enslaved in you’re house seemingly like forever, and step into a whirlwind of Bright Colors, Sunny Skies, Blue Clouds, Family, Good Friends, and Memories!! Until the next post My Luvs» Stay Blessed & Beautiful… 🙂 xoxo


♥ ESSIE Manicure ♥

CAM00262-1929205200 {Mint Candy Apple} CAM00264-979377525 So I realized that I almost forgot to show you everyone My super cute manicure, that I had done at My regular nail salon. I guess by the time I actually got home from running all My other errands that same day, I really wasn’t in the mood to show off anything!! But I did manage to remember to snap these two pics in the car really quick between trying to warm My car and keeping My hands warm in the process, hence why My hands are red, cold, and in need of some serious moisturizers. =} To say the least all week it seems like since April actually came, it has been a raining mess in Michigan. I know it’s probably raining daily in other cities and states as well but I just can’t shake the feeling that we here has gotten the most backlash of it all!! On top of that it’s BEAUTIFUL-SpringTime and somehow I always feel the need to still turn on some form of heat. How crazy and backwards is that?? {lol} Back to My manicure I am now obsessed with ESSIE Nail Polish as well as OPI. I think they both are of a extremely amazing quality, not just the names but the overall textures and wear of the products. I was noticing as the lady polished My nails with the Mint Candy Apple and I was impressed on how smooth and sleek the brush applicator glided across My nails so evenly so perfectly it was like {LOVE AT FIRST FEEL} when they met each other!! And when she finished it settled in to be the absolute perfect blend of a Matte finish. Which again is all the rage Rt now 🙂 And the color is a cross between a smooth iced baby teal and a punch of Robins Egg. Which means its all around unique! I do personally highly recommend this color for the transition to lovely Spring. I also love ESSIE “Cute As A Button ” which in My opinion is a great must have Summer pink shade. SO there you go folks~everything you need to know about My Manicure!! Enjoy xoxo