Today is a more sorrow tone of the *LIVELY* posts I usually write about. I really felt the need No the urge to really pour out My inner heart and soul into the thoughts of this post. Life is but a hallow shell, but living is more than Life itself. My heart dropped when I saw about the devastating tragedy of this evening! My timeline fluttered with Tweet after Tweet giving condolences about the Erie and still developing story of {THE BOSTON MARATHON } Though it’s less than four hours old, the effects of this devastation is in essence very Fresh! How could this happen? Who would do such a hurtful act? Especially when there were more than just ELITE RUNNERS ~There was also AUTISM SPEAKS RUNNERS who were SO eagerly excited to run for a tremendous Cause!! The way I froze in front on My Television screen for more than an hour, after turning on My Local News I felt the same panic and fear as when I was in High School and sitting in English Class, I saw the Second Plane crashing into *THE WORLD TRADE CENTER & TWIN TOWERS* of 9-11-2001. The same gut wrenching experience suddenly creepe back into My stomach, as I had to quickly gain concept of what was going on. Tears filled My eyes as I tried so desperately to control the droplets of sprinkles covering My cheeks! Though I have No personal connections to BOSTON, I still felt compelled and like it was My humanely duty TO care SO much about the events that had taken place. Some called it acts of Terrorism, Some thought it was a simple jest of planned Celebratory Happiness for the Patriot Holiday in *BOSTON* or Many also thought that it was scheduled for the ending of the long anticipated finish line accomplishment *THE MARATHON RACE.* Among the Dead was an eight year old little precious Boy, College Student, and a 29 year old Restaurant Manager. How Fucking awful and sickening!! I am NOT happy right now, I mean how can YOU be?? Life is supposed to be Blue Skies, Bird’s Chirping, Beautiful Destinations, Family Support, Love, And a Few Scratches & Bruises along the way. But how can it be when there are people OUT here in our world who craves pleasure in others pain and defeat? Who gave those SAME people the decency TO play *GOD* in deciding life or death of an Angel an 8 year old boy Martin Richard, or the other two ladies killed and hundreds injured in that BomB’s fate! We as humans more so Americans should be tired and utterly outraged at what others are willing to do at the hands of OUR lives of Living. What was meant to be a joyous day for thousands all over the Global atmosphere, turned into HELL in just mere timing. I’m cutting this post short for the rest of THE night in remembering and  remembrance of those directly affected by this incredibly unbelievable event. My Prayers are sent straight TO YOU from the bottom of My being. Thank YOU EVERYONE for joining Me in doing the same….