Hi Loves! So I’m officially back from my semi long hiatus, Which in the first place I really don’t know Why I even went on one but nonetheless I have returned.

While I was on my “self made hiatus” I really took the time to think about where I wanted my life journey to start and end. Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself; Shei What Are You Talking About, Haven’t You Already Started You’re Life? Well my inquisitive minds the answer to that question is No! Yes I’m alive and living daily, But it’s not the life I wanted to live currently. I vaguely remembering my mother once told me “When You’re Tired Of You’re Situation Nobody Will Have To Tell You To Change, Because You Will Change It Yourself.”

So what I did was I started making subtle changes everyday to get closer to the Exact life I wanted to achieve like it was a specific goal I needed to achieve! If you notice in the picture above that was Step #1. I cut off all my near waist length hair (pictured here)

into this beautiful short natural style which completely transformed not only my face becoming more open; but also my attitude of carrying myself more of this STRONG, Independent young Women who had a voice to be heard and respected.

Then I changed my entire way of thinking into more positive Reinforcement. It’s sort of like THE OBAMA SPEECH-YES WE CAN except mines was YES I CAN AND WILL! Well months later I am here to say that I’m back for good no more disappearing acts and that I am continuing to improve and enhance all the nooks and crannies of my new life: )




Happy first day of MAY Everyone!!  🙂 What a Beautiful day it is at that, yes we are just that much closer to The Wonderful World Of Summer!! I know»I know I’ve been completely M.I.A. lately, but to be brutally honest it’s all been out of love for you guys!! 🙂 Now you’re like Shei HOW?? Because I’ve been searching high and low for My original content as well as inspiration!! And YES I have found it and more. So get ready for an all new layout and constant Beauty/Fashion/Gossip/Random/Freaking Awesome/posts… But alright already enough about My Koolness, back to this amazingly warm almost 70 degree weather 😉 I hope you are eager to get out the rut of being enslaved in you’re house seemingly like forever, and step into a whirlwind of Bright Colors, Sunny Skies, Blue Clouds, Family, Good Friends, and Memories!! Until the next post My Luvs» Stay Blessed & Beautiful… 🙂 xoxo



Yes!!!!! It’s time to rise and shine. I know, I know it’s a Tuesday and it’s Summer time and you just want to relax, unwind, or maybe be lazy! If you’re at all like Me 😉 living in a semi~major city such as Detroit, the weather lately has been sooo chilly. Now I’m all for a a little chill to give relief on these Hot Summer days but really??? Mother Nature must You mix rain & coldness together seemingly like every day so far this week!! *sigh* Well enough about My endless love with the weather. LOL. Moving along, I want to personally say Good Morning to all My PrettiGurlz out there and of course PrettiBoyz, and always try to make the best out of every day. Remember if nobody else tells You they love You I love You and so does God!!!!!





Hello My Divaz!! Wow…. It seems like forever since I was in You’re presence. I REALLY MISSED YOU 🙂 Lately I was sooo under the weather that I could not even speak let alone! The first week My Mom had to rush Me through emergency, because for the life of Me I could NOT swallow! 😦 The doctors there diagnosed Me with a Viral Throat Infection which was nothing at all like strep throat because what I had, was contagious. *EWWWW* So after a week of eating soup and prescribed Motrin, I was not getting any better!! So My Amazing mother being the woman she is opted for a second opinion. Off to a different hospital we went through emergency yet again early in the wee hours of the morning we sat sleepy and frustrated that My throat was not improving. Only this time we both had determination that I was at the right place, with the right care this go around! I saw a throat specialist who then refused what I was told by the first hospital, and assured Me that in fact I had really bad sinus pressure which had built up in My throat! THANK YOU JESUS!!! We found a cause and cure. So now I’m ecstatic to announce that I have the right prescriptions for My sinus build up and I am feeling 1000% better.

~ Thank You to everyone who prayed for My recovery and best of health!!!