Hi Loves! So I’m officially back from my semi long hiatus, Which in the first place I really don’t know Why I even went on one but nonetheless I have returned.

While I was on my “self made hiatus” I really took the time to think about where I wanted my life journey to start and end. Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself; Shei What Are You Talking About, Haven’t You Already Started You’re Life? Well my inquisitive minds the answer to that question is No! Yes I’m alive and living daily, But it’s not the life I wanted to live currently. I vaguely remembering my mother once told me “When You’re Tired Of You’re Situation Nobody Will Have To Tell You To Change, Because You Will Change It Yourself.”

So what I did was I started making subtle changes everyday to get closer to the Exact life I wanted to achieve like it was a specific goal I needed to achieve! If you notice in the picture above that was Step #1. I cut off all my near waist length hair (pictured here)

into this beautiful short natural style which completely transformed not only my face becoming more open; but also my attitude of carrying myself more of this STRONG, Independent young Women who had a voice to be heard and respected.

Then I changed my entire way of thinking into more positive Reinforcement. It’s sort of like THE OBAMA SPEECH-YES WE CAN except mines was YES I CAN AND WILL! Well months later I am here to say that I’m back for good no more disappearing acts and that I am continuing to improve and enhance all the nooks and crannies of my new life: )




Happy first day of MAY Everyone!!  🙂 What a Beautiful day it is at that, yes we are just that much closer to The Wonderful World Of Summer!! I know»I know I’ve been completely M.I.A. lately, but to be brutally honest it’s all been out of love for you guys!! 🙂 Now you’re like Shei HOW?? Because I’ve been searching high and low for My original content as well as inspiration!! And YES I have found it and more. So get ready for an all new layout and constant Beauty/Fashion/Gossip/Random/Freaking Awesome/posts… But alright already enough about My Koolness, back to this amazingly warm almost 70 degree weather 😉 I hope you are eager to get out the rut of being enslaved in you’re house seemingly like forever, and step into a whirlwind of Bright Colors, Sunny Skies, Blue Clouds, Family, Good Friends, and Memories!! Until the next post My Luvs» Stay Blessed & Beautiful… 🙂 xoxo



So Hi My Luvs! Ok I wanted to come back to let you see how my Salon Manicure was holding up, after 6 days later. I waited soo long because I wanted to give everyone a fair and honest opinion, as just how AWESOME~Essie Nail Lacquers really are!! As in the above pictures it is still going strong as ever!! Know you see why ESSIE is My new Favorite brand of Nail Polish!! =} I literally Do Not have a single scratch, chip, or peeling of the Polish in sight.

Now I’m not a paid or even unpaid sponsor for ESSIE to be giving the company this much praise, but rather a new fan of their brightly beautiful colors,  long wear, and quick fast drying polishes. I really adore the soft hues and nicely branded packaging that shows the true color of each inside shade. Like in My before post I featured a Beauty site that did a review on ESSIE MATTE ABOUT YOU . Which just proves that ESSIE is more than just nail Polish alone! There is an entire line of ESSIE based products that you are sure to like. And Luvs there are plenty of other awesome nail polishes at their best out here for our pleasure! Another one of absolute Favorite Polish is *PISTOL POLISH * where this company has the koolest design of creative charm jewelry for their nail polishes that I have ever seen. Around every cap on their polishes is a unique little pistol to compliment the name Pistol Polish. Aside from that the colors on these adorable bottled polishes screams *HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR, meets ROCKSTAR SASS* =} don’t believe Me see for yourself!! And who can forget the Legendary OPI. FIERCE is all I can explain and say about this worldwide celebrity sponsored and endorsed popular Brand. So if you’re a nail Polish lover like Myself, an I bet all of you are Try these brands and even tell Me you’re own obsessed brand of Polish below! Who figures, We all may find a new type of nail Polish or lacquer that we never even heard of or thought about!! Happy Weekend Everyone =}


Today is a more sorrow tone of the *LIVELY* posts I usually write about. I really felt the need No the urge to really pour out My inner heart and soul into the thoughts of this post. Life is but a hallow shell, but living is more than Life itself. My heart dropped when I saw about the devastating tragedy of this evening! My timeline fluttered with Tweet after Tweet giving condolences about the Erie and still developing story of {THE BOSTON MARATHON } Though it’s less than four hours old, the effects of this devastation is in essence very Fresh! How could this happen? Who would do such a hurtful act? Especially when there were more than just ELITE RUNNERS ~There was also AUTISM SPEAKS RUNNERS who were SO eagerly excited to run for a tremendous Cause!! The way I froze in front on My Television screen for more than an hour, after turning on My Local News I felt the same panic and fear as when I was in High School and sitting in English Class, I saw the Second Plane crashing into *THE WORLD TRADE CENTER & TWIN TOWERS* of 9-11-2001. The same gut wrenching experience suddenly creepe back into My stomach, as I had to quickly gain concept of what was going on. Tears filled My eyes as I tried so desperately to control the droplets of sprinkles covering My cheeks! Though I have No personal connections to BOSTON, I still felt compelled and like it was My humanely duty TO care SO much about the events that had taken place. Some called it acts of Terrorism, Some thought it was a simple jest of planned Celebratory Happiness for the Patriot Holiday in *BOSTON* or Many also thought that it was scheduled for the ending of the long anticipated finish line accomplishment *THE MARATHON RACE.* Among the Dead was an eight year old little precious Boy, College Student, and a 29 year old Restaurant Manager. How Fucking awful and sickening!! I am NOT happy right now, I mean how can YOU be?? Life is supposed to be Blue Skies, Bird’s Chirping, Beautiful Destinations, Family Support, Love, And a Few Scratches & Bruises along the way. But how can it be when there are people OUT here in our world who craves pleasure in others pain and defeat? Who gave those SAME people the decency TO play *GOD* in deciding life or death of an Angel an 8 year old boy Martin Richard, or the other two ladies killed and hundreds injured in that BomB’s fate! We as humans more so Americans should be tired and utterly outraged at what others are willing to do at the hands of OUR lives of Living. What was meant to be a joyous day for thousands all over the Global atmosphere, turned into HELL in just mere timing. I’m cutting this post short for the rest of THE night in remembering and  remembrance of those directly affected by this incredibly unbelievable event. My Prayers are sent straight TO YOU from the bottom of My being. Thank YOU EVERYONE for joining Me in doing the same….

Orange My Girls. Never LOOKED SO SWEET!! =}

hayley1878801255Is it just me, OR has *THE SPRING BUG* just bitten it’s share of every Designers mind’s including Big Star Celebrities Faces?? I mean My God~since this is Sunday: ) Why must We live in a world full of *JAM* packed Cosmetic and Beauty teasers!! Just when I thought I have seen My share of the most {OUTRAGEOUS, TABOO, WEIRD} Colors of them all, then pops up something totally defiant of anything My vision has yet to see and that is Candy Painted Makeup. No My sweets I’m Not talking about You’re basic everyday wear and funk of solid foundation and eyeliner! I’m trying TO express to YOU the unexpected, unreasonable, unrealistic, tainted, rainbow surpassed peak of Magnificent fluid steaming and streaming splash IN YOU’RE FACE Bucket of Pigmented Hughes of Color. Now I picture you looking at Me as if to say “Shei What Are You Talking About?” Well…I’m SO happy You asked this magical question!! ★ When I first saw this Beautiful girl with dessert sand Hott fiery bright Orange hair, I  absolutely knew that I was going to be her biggest fan ever!! She caught My attention as a teenager and till this day every time I hear a PARAMORE song, I still Stop what I’m doing to break out in a goofy little dance singing along the words. =} ISN’T this the one group in the world, where You feel as though You can be a rebel in You’re own right!! Or how about it’s Ok to be divinely freakish as long as You are being TRUE to yourself!! I bet You said Yes, Yes, and more Yes to THIS and more. *Hayley Williams* is pure EPIC whenever she takes the stage to produce vocals. As the entire group of *PARAMORE* is just as head banging feel good  rock worthy!! They will forever be My ultimate favorite band. Switching back to Hayley, she has teamed up with the Legendary MAC Beauty and Cosmetic Brand to create this all around “BAD AZZ” shade of Neon Loud Signature Orange {Technically Coral} that she is known for into Makeup!! #POW ORANGE ♥ You heard Me right My Shei Hearts in the form of {LIPSTICK }, {EYE SHADOW }, {NAIL LACQUER}, and {MINERALIZE SKINFINISH} with the prices ranging at affordability U.S. $15.00~U.S. $30.00 which is awesome for a top rated Beauty Company!! Don’t You agree? No wonder why US dollz & dudes are going loco and stepping out of THE NORM. IF You’re like Me I say the more color the better!!: ) SO let’s recap other than being insanely talented, and beautiful Hayley has now reached new heights with *PARAMORE* which is a Platinum Selling Band by the way TO one of THE most Trendsetters of our Time!! Huh, I guess “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU LET YOU’RE HEART WIN.” Go check her out guys at MAC. And Fashionable Happy Sunday =}

♥ ESSIE Manicure ♥

CAM00262-1929205200 {Mint Candy Apple} CAM00264-979377525 So I realized that I almost forgot to show you everyone My super cute manicure, that I had done at My regular nail salon. I guess by the time I actually got home from running all My other errands that same day, I really wasn’t in the mood to show off anything!! But I did manage to remember to snap these two pics in the car really quick between trying to warm My car and keeping My hands warm in the process, hence why My hands are red, cold, and in need of some serious moisturizers. =} To say the least all week it seems like since April actually came, it has been a raining mess in Michigan. I know it’s probably raining daily in other cities and states as well but I just can’t shake the feeling that we here has gotten the most backlash of it all!! On top of that it’s BEAUTIFUL-SpringTime and somehow I always feel the need to still turn on some form of heat. How crazy and backwards is that?? {lol} Back to My manicure I am now obsessed with ESSIE Nail Polish as well as OPI. I think they both are of a extremely amazing quality, not just the names but the overall textures and wear of the products. I was noticing as the lady polished My nails with the Mint Candy Apple and I was impressed on how smooth and sleek the brush applicator glided across My nails so evenly so perfectly it was like {LOVE AT FIRST FEEL} when they met each other!! And when she finished it settled in to be the absolute perfect blend of a Matte finish. Which again is all the rage Rt now 🙂 And the color is a cross between a smooth iced baby teal and a punch of Robins Egg. Which means its all around unique! I do personally highly recommend this color for the transition to lovely Spring. I also love ESSIE “Cute As A Button ” which in My opinion is a great must have Summer pink shade. SO there you go folks~everything you need to know about My Manicure!! Enjoy xoxo



image Good Morning Everyone =} Yes!! Now you can relax, it’s Finally Friday and when I say the weekend is screaming My name~ Its yelling like full force! “HEY SHEI, YOU CAN RELAX NOW” I wish inner voice in My head, which also appears to sound like the Days Of The Week. Truth be told I can’t rest, or should I say I never rest, why You may ask?? Because My Beautiful People I simply don’t know how. ={ Now don’t You guys go feeling sorry for Shei due to the fact I am in love with all the many tasks I set out to do. Hey “YOLO” rt?? So between My manicure & pedicure, grocery shopping, and work by the end of the day I’m a beat little soul. But wait there’s more 🙂 Then the sudden 7:00 A.M. phone call from My wonderful mother telling me with excitement in her voice that she “wants to have a GRAND adventure all over again today.” As I look dazed from the night before lack of sleep I suddenly realize, Huh I wish I was a little bit taller =} lol Have an amazing day & weekend My Luv’s… XoXo

Written By: PrettiGurlz