Happy first day of MAY Everyone!!  🙂 What a Beautiful day it is at that, yes we are just that much closer to The Wonderful World Of Summer!! I know»I know I’ve been completely M.I.A. lately, but to be brutally honest it’s all been out of love for you guys!! 🙂 Now you’re like Shei HOW?? Because I’ve been searching high and low for My original content as well as inspiration!! And YES I have found it and more. So get ready for an all new layout and constant Beauty/Fashion/Gossip/Random/Freaking Awesome/posts… But alright already enough about My Koolness, back to this amazingly warm almost 70 degree weather 😉 I hope you are eager to get out the rut of being enslaved in you’re house seemingly like forever, and step into a whirlwind of Bright Colors, Sunny Skies, Blue Clouds, Family, Good Friends, and Memories!! Until the next post My Luvs» Stay Blessed & Beautiful… 🙂 xoxo


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