Orange My Girls. Never LOOKED SO SWEET!! =}

hayley1878801255Is it just me, OR has *THE SPRING BUG* just bitten it’s share of every Designers mind’s including Big Star Celebrities Faces?? I mean My God~since this is Sunday: ) Why must We live in a world full of *JAM* packed Cosmetic and Beauty teasers!! Just when I thought I have seen My share of the most {OUTRAGEOUS, TABOO, WEIRD} Colors of them all, then pops up something totally defiant of anything My vision has yet to see and that is Candy Painted Makeup. No My sweets I’m Not talking about You’re basic everyday wear and funk of solid foundation and eyeliner! I’m trying TO express to YOU the unexpected, unreasonable, unrealistic, tainted, rainbow surpassed peak of Magnificent fluid steaming and streaming splash IN YOU’RE FACE Bucket of Pigmented Hughes of Color. Now I picture you looking at Me as if to say “Shei What Are You Talking About?” Well…I’m SO happy You asked this magical question!! ★ When I first saw this Beautiful girl with dessert sand Hott fiery bright Orange hair, I  absolutely knew that I was going to be her biggest fan ever!! She caught My attention as a teenager and till this day every time I hear a PARAMORE song, I still Stop what I’m doing to break out in a goofy little dance singing along the words. =} ISN’T this the one group in the world, where You feel as though You can be a rebel in You’re own right!! Or how about it’s Ok to be divinely freakish as long as You are being TRUE to yourself!! I bet You said Yes, Yes, and more Yes to THIS and more. *Hayley Williams* is pure EPIC whenever she takes the stage to produce vocals. As the entire group of *PARAMORE* is just as head banging feel good  rock worthy!! They will forever be My ultimate favorite band. Switching back to Hayley, she has teamed up with the Legendary MAC Beauty and Cosmetic Brand to create this all around “BAD AZZ” shade of Neon Loud Signature Orange {Technically Coral} that she is known for into Makeup!! #POW ORANGE ♥ You heard Me right My Shei Hearts in the form of {LIPSTICK }, {EYE SHADOW }, {NAIL LACQUER}, and {MINERALIZE SKINFINISH} with the prices ranging at affordability U.S. $15.00~U.S. $30.00 which is awesome for a top rated Beauty Company!! Don’t You agree? No wonder why US dollz & dudes are going loco and stepping out of THE NORM. IF You’re like Me I say the more color the better!!: ) SO let’s recap other than being insanely talented, and beautiful Hayley has now reached new heights with *PARAMORE* which is a Platinum Selling Band by the way TO one of THE most Trendsetters of our Time!! Huh, I guess “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU LET YOU’RE HEART WIN.” Go check her out guys at MAC. And Fashionable Happy Sunday =}


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