image Good Morning Everyone =} Yes!! Now you can relax, it’s Finally Friday and when I say the weekend is screaming My name~ Its yelling like full force! “HEY SHEI, YOU CAN RELAX NOW” I wish inner voice in My head, which also appears to sound like the Days Of The Week. Truth be told I can’t rest, or should I say I never rest, why You may ask?? Because My Beautiful People I simply don’t know how. ={ Now don’t You guys go feeling sorry for Shei due to the fact I am in love with all the many tasks I set out to do. Hey “YOLO” rt?? So between My manicure & pedicure, grocery shopping, and work by the end of the day I’m a beat little soul. But wait there’s more 🙂 Then the sudden 7:00 A.M. phone call from My wonderful mother telling me with excitement in her voice that she “wants to have a GRAND adventure all over again today.” As I look dazed from the night before lack of sleep I suddenly realize, Huh I wish I was a little bit taller =} lol Have an amazing day & weekend My Luv’s… XoXo

Written By: PrettiGurlz


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