R~I~P TO THE ICONIC LILLY PULITZER 11-10-1931/4-7-2013

The world has lost a truly Beautiful Soul today. And with that being said, I believe a *TRUE* Designer was born~NOT made! LILLY as I will call her for the sake of this reading was completely more than just a Designer. She was an ICONIC FIGURE whom loved the work she did and the lives she touched especially Women!! Best known for her dashing *Floral Florida Inspired Prints* she brought whimsical and prestige to every design she created. During the early 60’s was a time of carefree living, charmed atmospheres, and socialite status, LILLY was amongst the crowd and league all by herself. Infant she was so above her times that that same Floral Beautiful Print I mentioned earlier was of sheer accidental mistake. It came about as when she told her seamstress to make riveting prints that covered up juice spills and stains! This mishap occurred from her herself spilling orange juice on her dress and getting inspired by the bright color and need to “cover up” the awkward feeling of an ugly spot. This launched the very famous and very popular dress wear of Lilly Pulitzer. The likes of her fashions could be seen on the most ELITE Women recognizable still today such as Jacqueline Kennedy on her *Life Magazine Photo Spread.* And countless other Inspirational Women throughout our great history overview! {Lilly Shops} are what lover’s & likers alike often called her stores, because they were moreover than just Women’s Clothing~wearing a Pulitzer original was stepping out into the world as it was you’re canvas and you were the paintbrush dipped in colorful, vivid, one of a kind paint. Though Lilly retired her working hand directly in 1993, she still had a Hugh impact to overseer every single cut, stitch, fabric, pattern, and model that pushed to the forefront carrying the Famous Lilly Pulitzer name. She indeed was a hands on visionary Woman! Who, by friends and family accounts loved to attend her shindig gatherings with Lilly always easy and free styled with a touch of class in her own created cocktail lounge dresses always pleasantly humbled hosting barefoot!! Lilly Pulitzer died at age 81 on April 7, 2013. Her life was not one that she took purely by chance or granted. She in fact was driven by the same force that kept her young at heart all this prosperous years and that was her obsession and love for Fashion and making the American Woman feel happy with themselves!! Her clothes were not just limited to Women’s Dresses but Men’s Clothes, Children wear, Country Club gear, and much more. The way that she incorporated her SouthHampton, West Florida Key Getaway Vacation feel & sense of styles which we’re High Class into wearable clothes for the everyday housewife or woman is remarkable. She designed for the young cause at that time she was young.

I Designed Collections Around My Fancy… Fruits, Vegetables, Politics, or Peacocks! I Entered In With No Business Sense.


More About Lilly Pulitzer

Written By: PrettiGurlz


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