{AUGUST 5th 1962}


Reject, outcast, Homeless, Detached, Hopeless, Beautiful, Dysfunctional, Lonely, Sad, Sex~Symbol, Unreliable, Dumb Blonde…. These were ALL the names in which Society deemed this Incredible soul of a Woman!!! So who was this mysterious dark-haired turned blonde Beauty You ask???

~Well her name was {Norma Jeane Mortensen} but we knew her ravishingly as Marilyn Monroe. But really, who was this World Famous soft-spoken blonde dream!! Well that’s exactly what she was a DREAM presented to us as one of the first female actresses who graced the screen and scene in the early 50’s and 60’s. A time in which women in general to a Man had NO place on magazine covers, big screen, or any other public broadcasting for that matter. In those days Women were to be seen as meek and humble ladies, paving the way for men to be outspoken and live! But in Monroe’s case she challenged the minds and opinions of those who often thought she should not be as GLAM and flamboyant as women of her era. She emerged this luminous bright light and dashing beautiful looks that made the prettiest of women question their status. She broke the modes and appeared to be someone or something ahead of her age and time. Far from the seemingly “Common” coming of New Age woman. Despite her troubled and rough upbringing’s of despair and heart breaks of those around her and closest to her, whom she trusted only to love and care for her not as a woman but as a human being, she triumphed and overcame every negative system that was placed at her feet! The life story I read about this precious lady was more than just a good read. It was an eye-opening experience to travel in her heels for just about an hour. She was Brilliant in her thinking as most deceased Great people were. She was so much more than her makeup, elaborate fitting clothes, and shiniest Diamonds. She was a poet in her own rights, an entrepreneur, a very vivid detailed writer, a natural sweetheart to her core, but most importantly she was a graceful woman whose biggest wish was to only act!

~The females including well-known celebrities of our generation if asked about Miss. Monroe would most likely smile at the mention of her name. While being in obsession and in total love with the thought of Monroe based on the Seduction of her big piercing water blue eyes, the extra “wiggle” that she thrust in her walk, or the way she could get any breathing man’s demanding attention just by her presence walking in a room. They all, even Me Awe her strength and vitality as an independent carefree woman. I know personally My favorite two movies of hers is SOME LIKE IT HOT~1959 & GENTLEMAN PREFER BLONDES~1953 these and a list of others made Marilyn Monroe the extraordinary actress and role model of centuries to come and go! And all us ladies know her world-renowned Legendary song in which turned slogan of 1953 “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” 🙂

~She was also ranked 1999’s sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute http://www.AFI.com So as You can see Marilyn Monroe was an inspiration to all women whether young or old. And yesterday {8-05-2012} marked her 50 years to the day after her death, which entitled that in her death she was more Famous than as she was alive. So in writing this post I salute and pay homage to the most influential~gorgeously astonishing woman full of character and elegance. Who indirectly taught Me how to be a real lady and love heels. And that You should never give up on your dreams, because dreams do come true….



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