Hello My Divaz!! Wow…. It seems like forever since I was in You’re presence. I REALLY MISSED YOU 🙂 Lately I was sooo under the weather that I could not even speak let alone! The first week My Mom had to rush Me through emergency, because for the life of Me I could NOT swallow! 😦 The doctors there diagnosed Me with a Viral Throat Infection which was nothing at all like strep throat because what I had, was contagious. *EWWWW* So after a week of eating soup and prescribed Motrin, I was not getting any better!! So My Amazing mother being the woman she is opted for a second opinion. Off to a different hospital we went through emergency yet again early in the wee hours of the morning we sat sleepy and frustrated that My throat was not improving. Only this time we both had determination that I was at the right place, with the right care this go around! I saw a throat specialist who then refused what I was told by the first hospital, and assured Me that in fact I had really bad sinus pressure which had built up in My throat! THANK YOU JESUS!!! We found a cause and cure. So now I’m ecstatic to announce that I have the right prescriptions for My sinus build up and I am feeling 1000% better.

~ Thank You to everyone who prayed for My recovery and best of health!!!



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