Hey Divaz!! I want to personally Welcome You to PrettiGurlz!!! This is your safe haven away from the world, it’s pressures, and real life situations that we as females have to face on a daily basis.

As the name states PrettiGurlz is not at all what many of You may think! It is by far the total opposite!! PrettiGurlz is not about How Pretty You Are! Or What Society Views As Pretty! {NO} Rather than it is a Statement of Freedom. The things that make You~ You. Being a PrettiGurl is your Natural Born Birthright into Royalty!! From your Messed up Families to Broken Dreams to Low Self Esteem I want You to show it all, fully exposed and nude {As In No Fear or Judgment.}

So again I Welcome You to your site! Feel free to laugh, cry, scream, be informed, whatever you want to do. You are all My Personal Divaz!! Beautiful, Flyy, and PrettiGurlz.



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